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Jan 25, 2024


Evolve Labs



In the realm of healthcare, accurate hospital occupancy forecasting plays a pivotal role in resource management, patient care optimization, and overall operational efficiency. Evolve AI Labs delves into this critical domain, employing cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to predict hospital occupancy trends. By harnessing advanced analytics and machine learning, Evolve AI Labs aims to revolutionize healthcare administration, ensuring that medical facilities can proactively adapt to patient influxes, streamline workflows, and provide superior patient outcomes.

Key Challenge

Navigating unforeseen challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic posed a significant hurdle in the development of hospital occupancy forecasting models. Evolve AI Labs met this challenge head-on by leveraging domain expertise and pioneering feature engineering techniques. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of pandemics, the team prioritized building a model that exhibited flexibility and responsiveness to sudden shifts in patient inflow.

This adaptive approach ensured that the forecasting model could swiftly adjust to anomalies like COVID-19, enabling healthcare facilities to proactively manage resources and deliver effective patient care during unprecedented times.


In a collaborative effort with the client’s data science team, Evolve AI Labs undertook a comprehensive approach by creating approximately 100 time series models for each hospital ward. Drawing insights from historical admissions and discharges, these models were intricately woven into the existing fabric of the hospital’s bed and staff management systems.

The incorporation of innovative feature engineering techniques proved instrumental, endowing the models with the capability to swiftly adapt to unforeseen anomalies, such as the dynamic challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. This integration not only bolstered the precision of hospital occupancy forecasts but also empowered healthcare administrators with real-time insights, enabling proactive and efficient resource allocation in response to evolving patient needs.


The implemented solution, visualized through Qlik dashboards and deployed across the entire network, yielded tangible improvements in hospital operations. Notably, there was a remarkable 5% reduction in patient wait times, indicating a more streamlined and efficient patient flow within the healthcare facilities. Additionally, casual staff utilization witnessed a 2% decrease, demonstrating optimized workforce management.

The culmination of these enhancements translated into significant cost savings, with the solution contributing to approximately $1 million in financial benefits. This success underscored the efficacy of Evolve AI Labs’ approach in hospital occupancy forecasting, showcasing its impact on both patient experience and operational economics.

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