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We are the engine behind your AI maturity journey: From developing your first AI use case to becoming an AI-driven enterprise, managing full data to value journey.

AI Transformation

Our tailored solutions unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence across diverse industries, paving the way for innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth.

Business Led AI Roadmap Development

We analyse your current capabilities, market dynamics, and strategic goals to develop a roadmap that outlines clear milestones and timelines. 

Workforce Upskilling in the age of predictive models

We offer intensive training and upskilling initiatives designed to empower your teams with the latest AI tools and methodologies.

Use Case Ideation and Feasibility Assessment

We conduct thorough feasibility assessments to determine the viability and potential impact of each use case, ensuring alignment with your business objectives.

AI Implementation

Enhance your capabilities with AI Implementation. Leverage our expertise to integrate AI seamlessly into your operations, boosting efficiency and unlocking new possibilities for your business

Scalable Machine Learning Services

We streamline everything from preparing training and scoring data to crafting model validation frameworks and deploying models, ensuring rapid time-to-value. 

Resource Augmentation

Our professionals excel in solving complex organisational challenges, providing you with innovative, strategic solutions that drive measurable results.

AI Engineering

The real value of AI lies in providing accurate forecasts to the right users at the right time. Our engineers specialise in safely deploying trained models, ensuring they perform optimally in any production environment.

Generative AI

Generative AI is a crucial technological advancement of this century. At Evolve AI Labs, we focus on practical applications where businesses can leverage Generative AI to enhance analytics, operations, and revenue. Our expertise allows us to distil your needs into self-contained solutions, enabling you to quickly plan and implement your roadmap to success.

Generative Repositories

Streamline your operations with our Question-Answering system for Regulatory and Compliance Obligations, utilizing private knowledge bases and documentation.

Generative Agent Support

You can elevate your customer service by implementing personalized smart callouts for each caller, effectively boosting Agent Utilization Rates (AUR).

Generative Insights

Automatically generate product enhancement backlog from customer reviews, Analyzing customer support chat transcripts and conversational shopping experiences.

Generative Augmentation

Discover solutions specializing in data augmentation and feature extraction tailored for downstream applications. Automated Feature Extraction from in-context documents like Annual Reports, Policies, etc.

Generative Engineering

Explore our specialized solutions centered on automated data engineering and software development, leveraging code and script generation for efficient execution.

Generative AI Application Developement

Boost your apps with our LLM consulting, providing custom vector databases, real-time AI monitoring, and advanced semantic searches.

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